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Project Name: My Baby Diary
Organisation: TELiBrahma Convergent Communications Pvt. Ltd.
Project Location & Coverage Area: Pan India
Project URL: http://www.telibrahma.com/
Area of intervention: Health

In a country like India where doctor to patient ratio is 1:900, doctors are few and the work is extensive. The patients demand low cost, timely and quality healthcare coverage. For the healthcare enterprises, patient data is critical to collect and manage and hence mHealth is primarily aimed at bridging the economic divide in terms of healthcare. Mobility is the key here and mobiles can be used for preventive care as well.
My Baby Diary is specifically designed for mothers to take care of their babies’ right from the pre-natal stage to toddlerhood. The application is developed by TELiBrahma and promoted by Johnson & Johnson. Parenting a child is quite a ride per se, and especially for working mothers who constantly oscillate their roles from one extreme to the other in a quest to maintain work-life balance. This mobile application “my Baby Diary” allows mothers to set a reminder for the next due vaccination. Other fun and interactive elements included taking pictures, trying out various hats and hairstyles on their babies, virtually dressing up the babies
in animal costumes, etc. these photos could also be shared on Facebook in a single click. The app included various engaging content, both for the mother and the baby. For instance, the mother could track the vaccination details, read up facts about pregnancy, labour & birth, babyhood, toddlerhood, etc. She could also instantly create a scrapbook of her baby and capture the defining moments of the baby via ‘Happy moments’ and ‘my Baby Calendar’ features.

my baby diaryReach & Road Ahead

Apart from the app being made available on Android market and iStore, the brand leveraged Buzz network to distribute the app to on-the-go women. With the capability to identify and deliver the right content to the phones that users carried, Buzz ensured the right target. The app reached over 50,000 mothers in a span of seven weeks with Bangalore recording the highest number of downloads. This mobile application has looked at an opportunity to engage with young mothers – with the growing trend of smart phone users. There were challenges in maximizing the health impact rather than just the number of women and children reached. The application has received about 3,000 downloads in the span of five months without any exclusive promotion for the app.

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