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Project Name: i-Saksham
Organisation: i-Saksham Education and Learning Foundation
Project Location & Coverage Area: Bihar
Project URL: www.i-saksham.org
Area of intervention: Education

i-Saksham provides in-situ education and skill development services in remote, isolated, and backward regions using digita technology and content. Low cost android tablets are used as a platform for education delivery. These tablets are loaded with digitized content on elementary education, free android apps on General Knowledge for various competitive examinations, and video lectures on various vocational courses. Solar charger kits are provided in areas without electricity. The services are delivered either by community tutors or school teachers.
The intervention has made pedagogy customized, and interesting for students; and has enhanced the effectiveness of teachers. Arithmetic lessons through games successfully engage students and makes Mathematics learning a pleasant experience. Animated videos make theoretical lessons more exciting for students to grasp. Video lectures replace the need of physical lecture by teachers to some extent. Students are grouped on the basis of their learning level. These groups can go through lessons as per their learning need. The result is huge improvement in learning level of students.
The best quality education material becomes accessible to poor students at their door steps with flexible timings. This regular flow of disposable income in their hands has huge socio-economic significance. They become economically independent. Theirs respect in the community grows. Self respect of young girls reaches new heights.

i saksham2Reach & Road Ahead

Youths who act as community entrepreneurs are able to make Rs.2000- Rs.2500 per month by imparting tuition to poor children; teaching computer skills/other vocational courses to youths and self-learning; and helping community access information through internet at very nominal fee.
The total cost of the project is 12000 per student. As of now 70+ tablets have been crowd-sourced through individual philanthropy and are placed with Residential Bridge Course schools, Remand Homes, Schools, Social Workers, Community Tutors and student study Circles in Munger and Jamui Districts of Bihar, India. The organization is aiming to provide quality elementary education to 5 million poor children, skilling 50,000 youths to be community tutors, and five lakhs youth skilled in various vocational trades by 2025.

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