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Project Name: Touch-on-Cloud
Organisation: Harness Handitouch Pvt. Ltd.
Project Location & Coverage Area: Pan India
Project URL: http://www.harnesstouch.com/TOC.html
Area of intervention: Education

Education is the most important pillar for human development. Touch on cloud has created a revolutionary new operating system to revamp how students learn in class and how teachers engage them inside the classrooms. It challenges the idea of traditional learning and enables the comprehensive use of interactive technology inside classroom as well as outside it using the Cloud. Harness Handitouch Private Limited (Harness) is an award-winning education technology company based in Chennai, India, founded in 2011 by graduates of ISB (Indian School of Business), Subramanian Viswanathan and Kuljit Chadha. It is like an interactive classroom where once the teachers download the Unio class from Edmodo, it gets installed for her selected groups. Instant use of teacher white boarding and teacher files can be launched and experienced. The students on the other hand do not need to copy notes as they are available as stored notes in the system. On the top of it students can also add on to the notes from their side. A twoway class approach is followed with teachers giving inputs in one hand and broadcasting students’ screen and also making them the presenters.
With built-in quiz, assignment, lesson management, student management and evaluation tools, Touch-on-Cloud functions as a learning operating system, capturing all learning and teaching activities. Touch-on-Cloud has applicability across educational segments–K12, Higher Education and Coaching, and implementation model to suit budgets of all sub-segments. In ICT-enabled classrooms, teachers have no control over multimedia content and here is a need to keep shifting between the projector, th computer, the textbook and student activity. As a result there is lack of classroom collaboration and inefficient use of technology.

Touch-on-Cloud was developed to make teaching and learning more engaging, efficient and fun. Since teachers’ notes and learning materials are broadcasted and saved automatically, students can concentrate on learning. With new pedagogies such as group work and student broadcast, classroom collaboration is truly redefined.

touch2Reach & Road Ahead

It serves more than 10,000 learners and teachers across six countries through its team of 20 people dispersed across various cities in India and Middle East. In the near future, the progress of cloud-based products is limited by broadband penetration and bandwidth availability. Once these issues are resolved, the cloud will start performing to its potential.

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