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Project Name: Silent Observer
Organisation: Sukrut Systems
Project Location & Coverage Area: Kolhapur, Maharashtra
Project URL: www.betibachao.in
Area of intervention: Health

Pune based Sukrut Systems has developed SMS based tool, Silent Observer, which is a tool to check under-reporting and false reporting of sonography cases by doctors in India. The system automatically updates a server for which an ultrasound machine is used. This way, the device ‘Silent Observer’ (SIOB) also provides law-enforcing agencies with analytical reports for further action warranted under the Preconception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (Regulation and Prevention) Act.
Silent observer updates the status of itself using SMS services on how many Sonography records have been recorded on a particular day, ON time, OFF time and LIVE time to ensure feeding these logs in SMS format to a centralized MIS. It consists internal web browser, authentication based access, inbuilt configuration and provisioning system. The captured information is stored in an encrypted format to avoid any mishandling of data. In addition, the information is compressed in a preconfigured video or image format to save on storage space. The storage space is configurable up to one terabyte. Once Silent Observer is fitted in the sonography machine, it maintains a log of all sonography tests and helps to keep a record of each pregnancy test and each pregnancy termination case.Using this data, government uses checks whether the hospital / owner of the machine has filled the ‘Form F’ which is required to be filled in every time an ultrasound test of a pregnant woman is conducted.
Coupled with Sonography machine on one end and F-form reporting system on the other, Silent Observer, addresses the issue to a great extent keeping a continuous watch on the reporting system. Due to the above mentioned benefits of the SIOB the chances of sex selective abortion has been drastically reduced and any offenders of the PC & PNDT can be brought before the law.

Reach & Road Ahead

The cost of the device is INR 28,500. It is borne by doctors at present, and they later get a full refund from the state government. Sukrut System has installed 235 silent observer systems since 2010. In 2011, it was found that after installation of Silent Observer in Kolhapur, the number of Form F submissions increased from 10,000 to 15,000. This way, Silent Observer is positioned for online and offline monitoring of the sonography machine activities as per the requirements of implementing by appropriate authorities.

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