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Project Name: MyNINO
Organisation: Silver Touch Technologies Limited
Project Location & Coverage Area: Pan India
Project URL: www.silvertouch.mobi/mynino
Area of intervention: Women Safety & Child Protection

MyNino is mobile based smart tracking application developed by Silver Touch Technologies Limited to track children. MyNiño is a cross-platform application that helps parents to track their child’s information such as GPS location, call reports, incoming/outgoing SMSs straight on their smartphones. In addition to this, MyNiño allows parents to Geo-fence Child’s device by setting the radius.
MyNino can be installed on child device that sends reports of child activities such as dial ed/received calls, incoming/outgoing SMS, contacts saved on child smart phone at time interval set by parents. Along with calls, SMSs and contacts, MyNiño also help parents to track their child’s GPS location at regular intervals; thus keeping the parent aware of their child’s whereabouts all the time. The app comes with two versions – Parent Application and Child Application. The Parent application needs to be installed on parent’s smartphones while child application needs to be on child’s smartphone.
A parent can manage the Child Report settings from parent application without actually operating upon the child device to receive the child reports at desired time intervals. Based on the settings done by the parent, the reports will be sent from the Child application to Parent application. From Parent application, parents can manage Notification and SOS settings to receive the desired report. The application uses Wi-Fi Connection and GPS service on parent & child application to receive child reports on parent device. Once the app has been installed, it notifies the parent through Calls, SMSs, Contacts, Location and Geo-Fence reports. The app highlights /filter the SMSs by predefined words known as Cusswords. Those words could be four letter words, sexual intonations, Drugs etc. The messages contained those words will be highlighted with the red mark. Parent can set SOS time interval to receive alerts if the child device is not sending reports.

myninoReach & Road Ahead

This application has no limitations for tracking the child, and parents can track 20 children from one device at a particular time. The application uses Wi-Fi Connection and GPS service on parent and child application to receive child reports on parent device. MyNiño Parent application is available in two languages – English & French. MyNiño is cross-platform application that connects Parent and Child on similar or different platforms - iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry and Web.

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