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MSBC (Mobile for Social and Bevaviour Change) is an initiative of UNICEF India and Digital Empowerment Foundation. The ‘MSBC: Call for Experiences, Case Studies and Practices’, is a process oriented methodology to identify mobile-based communications and applications initiatives that are resolving issues and challenges around women and girls vis-à-vis sanitation, health and hygiene; education, environment and development with thorough involvement of stakeholders like frontline workers and communities. The identified mobile-based initiatives and experiences should be intervening across three broad categories, such as “Information Dissemination”; “Monitoring & Tracking”; and “Training & Inter Personal Communication”.
The objectives of the call for experiences are to identify them across several states and link them to the other stakeholders for partnerships and scale up for greater impact. The other objectives are:

  • Identify Mobile for Social & Behaviour Change (MSBC) experiences across India;
  • Identify MSBC practices as per states, in particular states like Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh;
  • To bring in the select experiences and practices in consultation with states, government, and other stakeholders;
  • To help take forward the experiences to scale up, find partnerships, and bring in collaborative platform for all stakeholders;
  • Create a pool of experiences and MSBC initiatives per state for reference;
  • To bring in the most relevant MSBC initiatives to the notice of state government for large scale deployment;
  • To create MSBC as single most reliable reference for all stakeholders.