The MSBC Consultation, a joint effort of UNICEF India and DEF, was organized on 11 July 2014 at Hotel GRT Grand in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. This consultation was the second one in the series of consultations as a part of Phase II of MSBC Project. These consultations provide a common forum for sharing of knowledge and experiences in the area of mobiles deployed for development in the areas of health, education, women and child development, and water and sanitation.

The main objectives of Chennai consultation were to share select case studies from Southern region that have effectively used mobile phones in the above stated areas; and to create a platform to share implementation mechanisms of the case studies to aid in developing partnerships between state government and MSBC players. The consultation involved various stakeholders including the government, private sector companies, non-profit sector, academia, device, VAS, and telecom players, practitioners, and experts. The consultation also provided a forum for discussion about partnerships and collaborative work amongst government, private, bilateral agencies, CSOs and others in mobiles for SBC.