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Project Name: mSakhi
Organization: Intrahealth International
Project Location & Coverage Area: Uttar Pradesh
Project URL: www.msakhi.org
Area of intervention: Health

MSakhi is an interactive vernacular audio/video-guided mobile application that provides support to ASHAs in conducting routine activities across the continuum of MNCH care. MSakhi content is based on the NRHM ASHA manuals and home-based newborn care (HBNC) guidelines and formats. The Manthan Project initially developed MSakhi on the open-source CommCare platform using java-enabled, keypad-based mobile phones. Based on ASHA and beneficiary feedback for more intuitive and multimediaenabled applications, the project modified MSakhi for touch-phones using an open-source Android platform. ASHAs register pregnant/lactating women and children up to six years by entering basic information such as name and village into MSakhi during home visits. Upon registration, MSakhi generates a home visit schedule for each participant and provides a set of audio-msakhivideo guided instructions for counselling, assessment, and referral specific to each visit. The ANMs receive the data entered by ASHAs into MSakhi, and the data is stored in the MSakhi central database, allowing for real-time tracking of both ASHAs and participants. The database is designed for seamless integration with existing government information and communication technology (ICT) systems such as the Mother-Child Tracking System (MCTS) and the Health Management Information System (HMIS). This integration has the potential to save time and reduce delays.

Reach & Road Ahead

The number of ASHAs who recognized fewer than two danger signs in prenatal, delivery, and postpartum maternal and newborn care decreased from 13 to 2. Five ASHAs could identify six or more danger signs compared to only one at baseline. Qualitative data also indicated that after using the tool, the AHSA were more confident in their abilities, felt they were seen as more credible among their clients, and offered better counselling during home visits. In the State of Uttar Pradesh, Intra Health is helping the Department of Family Welfare test the effectiveness and scalability of innovations that have the potential to improve the health of mothers and newborns, including improving the performance and impact of ASHAs.

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