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Organisation: UNICEF Assam
Project Location & Coverage Area: Assam
Project URL: http://www.unicef.in
Area of intervention: Health

UNICEF Assam initiated a project titled, ‘ICT Solutions including real time monitoring using mobile phones to address health systems’ to strengthen the cold chain system across the state under the GAVIHSS (Health system Strengthening) project. The project uses android based mobile application that can be segmented into two major areas, data collection systems, and data dissemination systems. The mobile application called SDRC Collect was based on the widely adopted ODK platform. The android application communicated with a centrally hosted data aggregation system called ODK Aggregate which is a GWT based web application. After collecting the data, it is collated into a DevInfo database.
This application allows data collection across multiple platforms mobile, desktop and tablets in real time without any additional programming requirements. It is available royalty free and does not require licensing. It is available free of cost as it is developed in open source (ODK).
The database and the web applications are hosted on industry standard hardware infrastructure located in secure environment at STPI (Software Technology Parks of India) facility in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. The application is serviced by a third party vendor, SDRC Pvt Ltd (www.sdrc.co.in), who is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the site. Using this application, UNICEF Assam is monitoring 805 health institutions delivery points, 792 cold chain points (CCPs). This further helps in monitoring of ARMNCH+A & RI supervisory visits.

ICTReach & Road Ahead

Rapid scale up of the real-time supportive supervision across all 27 districts of Assam within record time of four months covering 469 health facilities out of 805 (58.2 per cent) and 448 cold chain points out of 792 (56.5 per cent) could be achieved using technology. UNICEF Assam is presently received funding from GAVI (Global alliance for vaccines and Immunization) for health system strengthening in India for three years - 2014 to 2017. UNICEF Assam is also engaging medical colleges to bring further sustainability in the project.

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