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‘MSBC: Call for Experiences, Case Studies & Practices’, identifies mobile-based practices that are resolving issues and challenges around women, adolescents, youth, girls, children and sectors across health, education, nutrition, and empowerment. These mobile-based practices should also be intervening:

A. Information dissemination: The category welcomes initiatives, case-studies, experiences and practices, which use mobile phones as a tool, platform, carrier of information and content for dissemination in areas like education, health and environment sustainability.

B. Monitoring & Tracking: The category acknowledges initiatives, case-studies, experiences and practices in the field of mobile platforms that monitors and tracks development schemes / programmes and also has sustainable acceptance in managing the life cycle of a project. The capacity of mobile as a tool to track attendance, presence of project staff, maintaining timetable and sending progress updates have been demonstrated.

Training of Frontline Workers & Interpersonal Communication: This category acknowledges newfound application that enables mobile phones for training purposes. Mobiles are used and highlighted to train workers who are on front-end of service delivery and in direct correspondence with citizen beneficiaries. Effective usage of mobiles has been visible for interpersonal communication purposes.