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Bridge ITProject Name: BridgeIT India
Organisation: EZ Vidya Private Limited and Nokia (Microsoft)
Project Location & Coverage Area:  Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu & Haryana
Project URL: bridge-it.in/wordpress
Area of intervention: Education

High quality pedagogic content in rural classrooms

Majority of 20 million primary and secondary schoolgoing children in
india are living in rural areas, spread over 600,000 villages. The Indian
education system has not achieved strong learning outcomes for reasons
that are as diverse and nuanced as the country itself. Key among these
reasons is poor teaching quality and slow adaptation of new methodology
and technology in engaging students in the classroom.
In 2011-12, Chennai-based EZ Vidya in partnership with Nokia, The Pearson
Foundation, and Government Education Boards launched the BridgeIT
India project. The objectives of BridgeIT India were to integrate the
mobile platform into teaching, evaluate its effectiveness through teachers
experience of using it in the classroom and engaging them digitally;
evaluate students’ learning improvements because of using mobile
technology, content, and methodologies into the teaching processes and;
to scale up to broaden the impact of mobile technologies in education,
evaluate sustainable models, and identify how to scale at low increment
The project involves the use of mobile phones to deliver high quality
pedagogic content in rural classrooms of government schools. Teachers
of English and Science in grades V and VI are given 3G-enabled Nokia
C7 loaded with customised Nokia Education Delivery (NED) software. This
enables teachers to access a library of videos through the NED server.
Teachers select and download videos that can then be shown to their
students, by connecting the phones with display devices in the classrooms.
A cloud hosted NED server is maintained by EZ Vidya for uploading the
AVs from where the users (teachers) can download the AVs and place

Bridge IT 2them in the respective catalogs in NED application in mobile phone.
Bridge IT generates its materials mainly through working with Pearson
Foundation and Government Education Boards. They train local teachers
to disseminate the content which is mapped to their syllabus. The project
is affordable for schools to incorporate. So far, BridgeIT has created 539
videos for teachers of English and Science, suited to the local curriculum.
Reach & Road Ahead
Today, 300 teachers (70 per cent women) of 160 government schools in
rural areas of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Haryana are using mobile
phones to teach more than 12000 students. Apart from the initial training
of teachers, professionals visit schools during the year to participate in
live classrooms and discuss challenges with teachers to jointly arrive at
possible solutions.
Implementation of the mobile-based intervention has helped to change
the teaching style from direct instruction to more student-centered
learning. This has led to a dramatic improvement in motivation levels,
interest levels, listening and speaking skills of students. The quality of
teaching has improved by 31 per cent.
BridgeIT is effective at a very low cost of USD 1.56 (Rs. 95/-) per child
per year. According to EzVidya, the project has proved that it is possible
to use mobile phones with right pedagogic approaches to produce a
strong, positive and statistically significant effect across a large number
of classrooms in India at a lower cost per student than previous computerbased

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