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• Identify MSBC practices/case-studies per State through research and due diligence. The MSBC cases will be brought to the state consultation for sharing their projects, its impact and details of their beneficiaries. These best cases would also be forged into consultation for possible partnerships among various stakeholders.
• Conduct and organize 5 consultations in 5 states (Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Andhra Pradesh, & Tamil Nadu) with close engagement of state governments, local mobile practitioners, VAS providers and other stakeholders.
• The Consultations will provide a platform to state MSBC practices to link up with invited stakeholders from diverse sectors like private sector, government sector, civil society and other expert groups. The consultation would aspire to help scale up the best cases, which also adopted by government for larger deployments.
• All the State level consultation would be properly documented, reported, analysed and action plan would be shared for further action and advocacy.